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How do you sign up for access to API without being a Biller or a Gateway?

https://www.cashtie.com/users/new doesn't seem to be for a developer


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    That is the correct login for a developer. Should have what you need for access. Under documentation are your keys, and associate analytics for your account. I was able to signup and get access.

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    Is "Gateway" as Company Type suitable for signing up as developer?

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    Sorry this is a bit badly worded, let me explain the difference between Biller and Gateway, and we will use these questions as well to make changes to those names in the future:

    Biller (we should name this "Direct" moving forward):
    If you are using Cashtie API for your own app, you want to sign up as a biller. An example would be you are adding Cashtie barcodes to your bill pay application and have consumers pay their bills at a cash register.

    If you are building a solution that others can use together with the Cashtie API you are a Gateway. An example is you are building a plugin for Magento or Shopify to allow ecommerce cash payments via Cashtie and now the ecommerce store owners start using your plugin with Cashtie API.

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    Does signing up for either give you access to different tools?
    If they do have different tools, how can you get access to both sets of tools?


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    The only difference is that if you choose the Gateway you can request barcodes for different billers.

    I found that in most cases choosing "Billers" is most appropriate for all of the Challenge partners and standard developer accounts. There is no additional functionality.


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