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Ideas & APIs

Are there any app ideas for this challenge and suggestion of APIs which are suitable for integration?

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    Here some ideas:

    1. Diital Content
    - Music app to listen to music while shopping and then be able to purchase album at cash register providing a barcode.
    - any other digital content would be a great contender as well, similar app for software products, gaming, streaming movies (rent and own), etc
    - local gift cards from i.e. restaurants
    - tickets and events
    - toll, transit, etc

    2. Bill pay
    - Bill pay application for in store use (mobile app - consumer enters bill information and then pays at cash register, real time notification to biller for immediate posting)
    - Integration in print solutions (printed barcodes on utility statements etc - submission is based on process using Cashtie to retrieve barcodes and show provide solution to bill presentment industry)
    - web solution to add billpay online via cash (customer prints out barcode and brings it to retailer)

    3. Ecommerce
    - paying with cash online for any type of product or service (submission based on web flow and not via mobile app)
    - paying with cash in mobile apps
    - plugins for Magento, Shopify etc (submission based on plugin not mobile app)

    4. Payments:
    - any type of payment solution web, online, statements
    - transfers peer to peer, cross border, etc (this is not supported based on our current compliance framework, and is only a showcase for future opportunities - expected end of 2014)

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