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Canadian vendors & fees?

Hi there,

I'm considering submitting for this challenge but I can't find listings of retailers in Canada that the app/API would be available to use, nor does there seem to be any details on rates/fees.

Maybe I'm just overlooking this, in which case please point me in the right direction.



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    CM - we have a great network of retailers in Canada. We have three fee types in any market, her an overview:

    1. Convenience Fee example for bill pay transactions, where the fee is added to the principal amount that the consumer has to pay.
    $ 3.95 UPC convenience fee

    2. Transaction Fee example for ecommerce
    3 % plus $0.75 per transaction

    3. Margin Example for product sales like ebooks, etc
    15% of sales amount

    Send us a note to support@cashtie.com once you are ready and we can work on the type of fee that is charged and the amount that is charged and let us know if you are a direct user (like a product provider, biller or ecommerce company) or if you build the application for others and you are more like a reseller.

    Let's get it done!


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